Space Monkey

26 04 2010

Created as a collaboration between World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ben Lee and Leo Burnett, “Space Monkey” carries a message about our planet, and features Ben Lee‘s track, “Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe“.



Last Day Dream

14 04 2010

An amazing look through a person’s eyes as his life flashes before him:


– By Chris Milk

Phil Hansen Compilation

12 04 2010

If you haven’t heard of Phil Hansen then you are missing out on some of the most unbelievable art of this century. Phil has an uncanny art vision that probably hasn’t been seen since Van Gogh graced this Earth (Okay, that statement may be an exaggeration but man is this guy talented! Just check out Phil’s work below and I am sure that you will agree!)

A video about Phil:

Phil’s Works of Art:

Name: Bruce
Created: 3-2007
How: By dipping my hands in paint and hitting the canvas.

Name: Influence
Created: 1-2007
How: The pictures below were painted one on top of another on my torso.  Then the entire piece was peeled off and the portrait above was cut out.

Name: Jimi Hendrix
Created: 8-2007
How: Colored matches white and black, then arranged them to create the portrait. It was then set on fire.

Name: Che
Created: 12-2006
How: Made by painting the quote “Words that do not match deeds are unimportant”.

Name: Lance Armstrong
Created: 4-2008
How: This picture was made by dripping paint on the tricycle tires and riding around on the canvas.

Name: PB&J
Created: 2-2007
How: Made with Peanut Butter and Jelly on bread.

Name: Paul
Created: 6-2005
How: This portrait of a homeless man that lived down the street was made by stepping in paint and walking over the canvas.

Name: Interpretation number 1
Created: 5-2006
How: This picture of Rosa Parks was made by making photocopies of the Bible and placing the pieces in layers.  Then lights were built into the frame behind the picture.  When the lights are off you see the picture on the left, if the lights are on you see the picutre on the right.

Name: Grammy
Created: 8-2008
How: This piece is the official video/poster of the 51st Grammy’s.

Series: Goodbye Art was a project that lasted a year.  I destroyed the art or let the art destroy its self.

Name: Yo Quiero
How: Nacho cheese sauce

Name: Who is the next to fall?
How: Needles on canvas.

Name: Obama Vs. Fly
How: 2,500 fake flys

Name: Secretary of Fate
How: Fake money and real money = totaling to $545.

Name: Money money money
How: Made with fake money

Name: Forced into Chemo

Name: Swine Flu

Name: Flooding

Name: Fire Fire Fire

Name: Octomom

Name: House of Cards

Name: 75% Christian

Name: Drunk Finance Minister – Soichi Nakagawa

Name: Death (30 years later)

Name: Hudson Plane Crash Hero vs. Bird

Name: Hopes and Dreams for Obama

Name: Final Days of Bush

Name: Facebook War on Nipples – Art Happening

Name: Follow-up to the above video

Name: A Moment

Name: 48 Women

Name: Local

– All by Phil Hansen

Langara College: Rethink scholarship

25 03 2010

Langara College + Rethink Communications = one inspirational and awesome video about a scholarship: