Parkour Motion Reel Video

26 03 2010

Illustrated with technical pen, frame by frame.

Videogioco (loop-experiment)

25 03 2010

Donato Sansone, otherwise known as milkyeyes, created this rather disturbing and fairly grim piece of work. Although the story line and images are quite gloomy in nature, you must admit that he did an amazing job in choreographing, piecing together, and creating a unique art form.

Metropolis by Rob Carter

25 03 2010

This next video hits home, mainly because it is home for me. The creator, Rob Carter, explains “Metropolis [as] a quirky and very abridged narrative history of the city of Charlotte, NC. Made entirely from images printed on paper, the animation literally represents a sped up urban planners dream, but suggests the frailty of that dream, continuing the city development into an imagined hubristic future. It is an extreme representation of the already serious water shortages that face many expanding American cities today; but this is less a warning, as much as a statement of our paper thin significance no matter how many monuments of steel, glass and concrete we build.

Here is the extended full-length video of Rob’s entire project:

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

25 03 2010

17-year old student artist Jamie Bell (also known as DispleasedEskimo) created this flip animation for his final project.  “This is the final piece for my AS art course, a flipbook made entirely out of biro pens. It’s something like 2100 pages long, and about 50 jotter books. I’d say I worked on and off it for roughly 3 weeks.

*By the way, he received full marks!