Mr.Burton’s Rabbit hole

29 04 2010

Dropped promo for a season of Tim Burton’s films in a Dutch on-demand tv channel.”


– By United Fakes

Watch the making of “Mr.Burton’s Rabbit hole” below:


Hoedown from Rodeo

11 04 2010


“I created a music video for the Classical music work ‘Hoedown’ from the Rodeo Suite by Aaron Copland. It is a stop motion animation in which various characters, inspired by Cowboy and Western films, come to life from the musical score. It was made for my final year degree in Visual Communication at the Glasgow School of Art.”

– By: Eleanor Stewart

Paper World

7 04 2010

“Fresh video advertising

The agency: BBDO México

Producer Company: Lemon Films”

NZ Book Council – Going West

30 03 2010

New Zealand Book Council

I believe I can fly

30 03 2010


Parkour Motion Reel Video

26 03 2010

Illustrated with technical pen, frame by frame.

Videogioco (loop-experiment)

25 03 2010

Donato Sansone, otherwise known as milkyeyes, created this rather disturbing and fairly grim piece of work. Although the story line and images are quite gloomy in nature, you must admit that he did an amazing job in choreographing, piecing together, and creating a unique art form.