Scacchi clay stop motion – Chess clay stop motion

24 06 2010

Directed by: Riccardo Crocetta
Animated by: Riccardo Crocetta
Featuring by: Riccardo Crocetta
Photography by: Riccardo Crocetta
Lighting by: Riccardo Crocetta

Music by : Edward Grieg : Nell’antro del re della montagna, In the Hall of the Mountain King

Olympus Pen: PEN Giant

21 05 2010

Olympus commercial

Revo Energy

6 05 2010

-Commercial by Revo Energy Drink

Mr.Burton’s Rabbit hole

29 04 2010

Dropped promo for a season of Tim Burton’s films in a Dutch on-demand tv channel.”


– By United Fakes

Watch the making of “Mr.Burton’s Rabbit hole” below:


Sorry I’m Late

14 04 2010

Shot from above in good ol’ stop-motion fashion.

– Made by Tomas Mankovsky

– Music Composed by Keith Kenniff
If you thought the credits didn’t show you enough on how this vid was made, then check out the creators website here for more:  Sorry I’m Late.


11 04 2010


“Laïka was a Russian female dog. She also was picked to be the first earthling ever sent to space – in 1957, aboard Sputnik II. What history often forgets is that the poor bitch died in the process 😦

Need a more cheerfull story? In April 2009, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of a true montrealer bar. A bar named after the adventurous – and mourned – dog 🙂 “

– By Guillaume Blanchet
– Music by Frivolous

More Stop-Motion for you: You Came Out

11 04 2010

“Shot over 2 days and stop frame animated from 4,816 still images without a single moment of video footage!”


– By We Have Band (If you liked this video then you may want to check out one of my other posts showing off another one of their creative videos!)