Ultimate Snowmobile

2 04 2010

“On the heels of Ken Blocks insane Gymkhana videos and the groundbreaking snowboarding/rally part to close out DCs MTN.LAB 1.5 video, the DC Co-Founder and Rally Team Driver has joined with Subaru to make the worlds fastest cat track operation automobile for backcountry access for snowboarding. Dubbed the TRAX STI, this is a new teaser video from the test session for the highly-modified, snow-ready (to say the least) car. Full specs and the full story at dcshoes.com/auto.”


Souped-up Passat 4×4

23 03 2010

Have you ever driven on snow and had an accident or a near accident due to drifting? Then we may have a solution for you… Meet the Passat on steroids: