Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic in London

30 06 2010

“Andy Murray brings his tennis magic to the streets of London in preparation for the 2010 Wimbledon tournament. Definitely seems he has got the right touch also off the court.”

– Commercial by Head

You can download the song for free at


Go South Africa!

24 06 2010


“When the world comes together at an event like the FIFA World Cup 2010, there’s typically more than just a trophy at stake. In South Africa, the country hosting this year’s tournament, race relations surely stand out as one of the more complex issues. In this stop-motion short, titled Go South Africa!, the topic is examined in a morality tale involving soccer balls. The short was directed by Robbert-Jan Vos, and art directed and animated by Renske Mijnheer.”


script: Robbert-Jan Vos & Robin Stam
art direction & animation: Renske Mijnheer –
director: Robbert-Jan Vos –
score: Bastiaan Egberts –
sound design: Jaap Wajer –
grading: Barry Clarke –
voice-over: Kevin Walton

Google Maps/Street View for the Winter Olympics

25 03 2010

Google Maps and Google Street View went to the 2010 Winter Olympics to share a special sight of the slopes with the spectators:

World Cup 2010 Tribute Song (And An Awe-inspiring Awesome Video!)

23 03 2010

A beautiful introduction to the 32 2010 World cup countries who qualified to play for the glorious worldly title of “Football Champs”: