Go South Africa!

24 06 2010

[Vimeo http://vimeo.com/12467098%5D

“When the world comes together at an event like the FIFA World Cup 2010, there’s typically more than just a trophy at stake. In South Africa, the country hosting this year’s tournament, race relations surely stand out as one of the more complex issues. In this stop-motion short, titled Go South Africa!, the topic is examined in a morality tale involving soccer balls. The short was directed by Robbert-Jan Vos, and art directed and animated by Renske Mijnheer.”


script: Robbert-Jan Vos & Robin Stam
art direction & animation: Renske Mijnheer – sirmovingimages.com
director: Robbert-Jan Vos – dwarv.com
score: Bastiaan Egberts – gentlenarcotic.net
sound design: Jaap Wajer – jaap.wajer.org
grading: Barry Clarke – condor.tv
voice-over: Kevin Walton




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