Skhizein by Josef K.

3 04 2010

A story about a young man with a bit of a dilemma…

* This young man’s new found problems are not that uncommon. Brain and bodily complications from trauma, disease, etc. can change, impair, and alter one’s cognition drastically, which can bring about some pretty startling and new obstacles for the unlucky victim. I’ll give you one quick example and leave it at that: If you were to receive either trauma to your vestibular system (the system in humans for our sense of balance and spatial orientation) or the corresponding brain areas that relay, process, or performs specific cognitive abilities from the basis of this system, then your likely to experience a new world plagued with induced vertigo and instability. You may feel off balance and as if you were about to fall all the time! Basically the world you once new would vanish and you would suddenly be placed into this odd and strange world. Luckily for you the human brain is very adaptable and has plasticity so that such changes will not disable a person for life, however, it will take time to retrain your brain such as the man in this story had to learn where to sit or how to re-use his phone. The brain is an amazing device!




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